Solution-Focused Counseling in Fresno

Taking care of your behavioral and mental health can be one of the most important decisions you ever make. At Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center, we realize that trying to find the right kind of therapy can be overwhelming. That's why we provide as much information as possible about our services to our potential clients.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy has many branches. Choosing and following the correct method can help you feel like yourself again sooner than you think. One innovative process, called solution-focused therapy, is a method that can work well for some patients who need a limited amount of therapy for a specific concern.

What Is Solution-Focused Therapy?

Not all therapy solutions are suitable for all patients, and that's why it's important to seek the care of experienced therapy professionals to guide you through the process. Solution-focused therapy is a type of cognitive behavior therapy that can help you turn a corner toward a more positive and fulfilling life. This method focuses on the positives and strengths of the persons involved in treatment and seeks to build on successes and solutions already present. It is usually a short-term therapy.

During the process, the therapist helps develop a detailed visualization of how different your life can be once you remove the negative behavioral issues disrupting your life. The key to the therapy is not only focusing on what can be but also coming up with a detailed plan describing how to get there. Using tools and strategies you already possess but may not realize you have, this implementation plan gives you a clear indication of the path to take toward a more fulfilling life. Developing a plan to reach your goal also involves examining past choices that positively affect your life and reflect on how making similar choices can get you back on track.

How Is Solution-Focused Therapy Different From Other CBT Methods?

Since cognitive-behavioral therapy methods vary, some methods can be successful even when others have failed. Solution-focused therapy works differently from other types of CBT in several notable ways. The first difference involves the focus of time. Many therapy methods spend the majority of time analyzing problems that stem from past life events; solution-focused therapy deals primarily with finding solutions in the present time and projecting those solutions onto future issues that may arise. Another unique factor in this method is the idea that solutions are found within you. Instead of the therapist supplying solutions, the client must discover that the plan to improve the quality of life for each individual is different and, therefore, must be based on self-awareness and knowledge.

Solution-focused counseling was first used in the late 1970s, operating under the theory that people intrinsically know what is best for their own lives. Instead of relying on the therapist to present a set of solutions and a standard plan to follow, you find potential solutions by thinking that the problem was not present and decided what was working differently. This information is found within each individual and can be applied to current and future situations or when you find yourself repeating the behavior. By allowing you to focus on what you can accomplish instead of mistakes you have made, it can help you progress toward solving the current problem at hand.

How Can Solution-Focused Therapy Help?

Solution-focused therapy can help with behavioral issues, relationship problems, drug use, and other issues where clients have become entangled in negative and problematic feelings and behavior. Solution-focused therapists believe there are always exceptions to the problem behavior or symptom, and in those exceptions lie the beginnings of positive change. If you choose this therapy method, know that the solutions to your current issues are already inside you and that you just need someone to help you make the connections. Solution-focused therapy works best in brief or short-term therapy situations and can be highly effective once you decide to take the first step. This type of therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other cognitive-behavioral therapy methods for a well-rounded counseling experience.

What Can You Expect During Solution-Focused Therapy?

The first step toward finding a solution to the behavioral issues you are trying to overcome is finding a cognitive-behavioral therapy program with therapists experienced in solution-focused therapy. During your initial consultation, expect to receive information about this type of counseling to see if it is right for you. Once you have committed to this path, the therapy unfolds over multiple sessions.

Initial sessions involve goal identification and plan creation. The therapist encourages you to think about how your life would be different if the behavior you are trying to change were gone. By asking a series of questions, the therapist helps you visualize the changes in your life, and then together, you can come up with a plan of action to make those changes a reality. These brainstorming sessions help awaken the creative solutions that are already inside of you. Everyone has had a time when a change needed to be made and resulted in a positive outcome, so by replicating a solution and applying it to current problems, you have the tools to solve future issues as they arise.

Why Choose Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center?

Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center provides several types of cognitive-behavioral therapy solutions for clients seeking to improve their mental and behavioral health. The Fresno, CA-based team includes licensed staff and associates who are all experienced at helping others move forward on the path to find a solution. Prioritizing your mental health can seem daunting, but we are ready to give you the tools you need to overcome the challenges you face. We offer confidentiality, compassion, caring, and experience to everyone who reaches out for help. If you are interested in learning more about solution-focused brief therapy or other therapy treatment options available, contact Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center today to schedule an appointment to speak with a team member.