Relationship Counseling in Fresno, CA

Relational therapy offers strategies to combat marital dysfunction and restore harmony within relationships. Couples recovering from affairs, traumatic events, or dwindling passion can find a helping hand at Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center.

Navigating changes in relationships can be difficult, and the assistance of a qualified counselor can make a positive and influential difference. Individual therapy sessions can be beneficial to those struggling, but relational therapy can help you work through and improve concerns in a specific relationship. Couples therapy or marriage counseling can be used in conjunction with individual sessions to achieve your mindset goals and experience a renewed connection.

Relational Therapy Options

At Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center, you have the option to seek various levels and types of therapy for your relationship counseling needs. Your ideal course of action depends on the specific relational concerns and the nature of your relationship. Since your concerns can change over time, all therapy sessions are customized to fit your changing needs. The ideals of relational therapy are based upon enhancing communication by way of core relationship values. Most couples therapy sessions fall under either proactive or reactive types of relational therapy.

Proactive Types of Relational Therapy

Couples seeking better communication and a stronger relationship often seek a proactive type of relational therapy. Using guiding principles such as active listening, courtesy, respect, compassion, and honesty helps couples cooperate and help both build stronger relationships and maintain them at an elevated level. Proactive marriage therapy can be unstructured to enhance communication or more structured and planned out to restore marriage harmony and increase relationship satisfaction.

Reactive Types of Relational Therapy

Therapy sessions scheduled as a result of a crisis event or relationship breakdown are considered reactive therapy sessions. Infidelity or other types of broken trust situations can benefit from reactive relationship therapy methods such as mediation or conflict resolution. Marital dysfunction resulting from a specific event usually involves a methodical and planned approach for maximum benefit and productivity. Sometimes hostilities can arise against each other after the trust is broken, but couples counseling can repair these trust issues through targeted changes under the advice and direction of an experienced relationship therapist.

Relational Therapy at Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center

Residents of Fresno, CA, and surrounding areas in need of relationship help can benefit greatly from relational therapy at Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center. The providers work hard to provide clients with clear treatment objectives and goals to repair the stress, trust, and mental health issues that can be part of a relationship experiencing conflicts.

Whether you are someone seeking a couples counselor to work through general intimacy and concern with communication skills or need to address the feelings that have arisen about your partner due to a specific event, many relationship problems have ways of resolving. For an appointment or to learn more about the methods at the practice, contact Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center today, or learn more about our team.