Psychodynamic Therapist in Fresno

Taking care of your health should always be a priority, but many people neglect to factor mental and behavioral health into the equation. Addressing your behavioral health concerns is the first step toward experiencing a rejuvenated life and renewed sense of purpose. Depending on the specific concerns you are facing, one of several types of therapy may be the best solution for you. Many therapy types are guided by the overarching principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy methods. If a past event is causing current concerns, psychodynamic therapy may be the best treatment method for you.

What Is Psychodynamic Therapy?

Psychodynamic therapy explores past events and determines how these experiences developed into mental processes a person still currently uses. This is a type of talk therapy that explores deeply rooted causes of behavior that are often unconscious. Although the relationship between the therapist and patient is an important component of psychodynamic therapy, the method also explores the connection between the patient and the surrounding world. In psychodynamic therapy, the history of the family and relationships is examined, and the client is made aware of and processes the connections between past and present emotional and relational issues.

What Are the Principles of Psychodynamic Therapy?

Psychodynamic therapists look for patterns in behavior by examining the patient’s experiences under several core principles. These principles include early life experiences, core beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. During therapy sessions, patterns typically emerge under these categories. The therapist can help the patient alter these patterns to improve a current life situation or help repair relationships. The client can explore and repair emotional trauma related to attachments and relationships.

How Did Psychodynamic Therapy Originate?

Born from a need for a more simple alternative to traditional psychoanalysis, psychodynamic therapy focuses on the therapist-patient relationship to allow a more outside world analysis. Typically, psychodynamic methods do not take as long to reach satisfactory results, although this is not always the case. Depending upon the nature and the history of the problem, this modality can take longer but can assist in resolving relational issues rooted in the past.

How Can Psychodynamic Therapy Help?

Patients with serious psychological and behavioral disorders can often find success in psychodynamic therapy. Depression and difficulty maintaining relationships with others are common reasons for a patient to explore this type of therapy. By unveiling problems lurking in the subconscious, patients can experience the healing that can be applied to other areas of life. Patients who complete psychodynamic therapy often report an increase in self-esteem and a better understanding of forming and maintaining personal relationships with others.

Why Choose Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center?

The team at Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center in Fresno, CA, recognizes and appreciates the delicate balance it takes for a patient to understand the reasons behind current mental, behavioral, and emotional concerns and can help you find a path toward overcoming these challenges. By examining the history of relationships, your therapist can help you understand your processes and work toward better solutions to your concerns. Bettering your emotional state and overall well-being is always a priority, and the staff continuously remains sensitive to your needs and confidential. For information about psychodynamic therapy or any other therapy solution that may work for you, contact Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center today.