Marriage Therapy & Family Counseling

At Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center, helping you find improved well-being is always the first priority. Individuals seeking counseling do so for a myriad of reasons, but therapy is commonly sought for the resolution of negative thought patterns individually, between couples, or within a family. The marriage and family therapy option at Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center uses cognitive behavioral therapy practices to develop solutions to couples and families having difficulty with communication skills or behavior problems.

Marriage and Family Therapy Options in Fresno, CA

Family dynamics differ, and so do solutions when it comes to marriage and family therapy. Depending on the specific concerns of your family unit, different family therapy solutions may be used to diagnose and treat relationship problems.

Marriage and Couples Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy with a specific focus on couples is often referred to as marriage counseling or couples therapy. During these sessions, the therapist typically meets with each person individually and then together as a couple. The therapist helps each person work toward specific goals, which can include discussing thought patterns and working on behavioral changes.

Child-Parent Therapy Sessions

Whether prompted by a parent or ordered by a court, child-parent sessions can involve individual sessions with the parent and the child and then combination sessions to try to solve the problems that were discussed. Child-parent problems can be complex, so family therapists who specialize in this area are trained to deal with the sensitive issues that can arise in these relationships. A key element in child-parent sessions is openness. Any time a new topic is discussed in a one-on-one session, it can be a topic for discussion during combined sessions so everyone can work together toward a viable solution.

Couple and Family Therapy Sessions

When counseling sessions include parents and children working toward solutions together, it can be an effective cognitive-behavioral therapy method with lasting results. Marriage and family therapists who deal directly with both children and adults can help families solve immediate problems and provide tools for issues that may arise in the future. Like child-parent sessions, family counseling sessions may involve meeting with each family member independently, the parents together without the children, and the full family altogether. An experienced family therapist can help families rebuild trust after a specific event or learn to communicate effectively for the first time.

Marriage and Family Therapists in Fresno, CA

If you have couple or family concerns, whether due to communication issues, substance abuse, lack of intimacy, or other specific conflicts, seeking marriage and family therapy is the first step toward resolution. An experienced counselor can make a difference in your relationships with others as well as your feelings toward yourself. To set up an initial appointment or learn more, contact Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center today.

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