Kayla Bundy, APCC

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At Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center, licensed therapists come together to provide viable solutions to your concerns. Each member of the team has been hand-selected due to the care, compassion, and talent demonstrated in past work. Kayla Bundy is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor who has shown strong counseling skills and a multi-faceted approach to each client’s unique needs. By bringing her on as a team member, Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center has created an environment of mutual learning and has provided an opportunity for clients to experience improved outcomes.


Through her studies to become an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, Kayla has helped clients work through various problems. Applying her strong background using the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy, Kayla approaches each client differently because she knows each person has unique needs. Although she uses her CBT background to address most cases, she is well-versed in various other therapeutic techniques that can be integrated into the treatment plan. As a member of the Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center team, Kayla continues to progress her skillset while providing a unique and important perspective to the practice. Her integrated approach and comforting therapy style allow clients with unique needs to achieve a better outcome and develop better coping skills in the event of future concern.


Every counselor at Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center strives to help clients make self-improvement choices in life and heal from past trauma. Kayla Bundy understands the self-judgment many people carry around at all times, leading to inner turmoil, confusion, and helplessness. To live life more fully, the change begins within. Using cognitive-behavioral therapy principles mixed with other therapy methods, Kayla can formulate a plan to address the unique concerns of each individual.
Although Kayla has experience with clients with various concerns, she is particularly interested in working with those dealing with depression and anxiety or who are survivors of trauma. She is also interested in working with those in the LGBTQIA community and any adult who feels trapped in a cycle and is ready to take the courageous first step toward seeking help.

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor in Fresno

Finding a therapist in Fresno that can help you identify your specific concerns and address them in a judgment-free environment can seem like a daunting task. At Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center, you are always welcome to schedule a consultation to see which therapist would be the best match for you. If you feel Kayla Bundy APCC would be a good fit for your current situation, let the team know so you can be scheduled for an initial appointment as soon as possible. For more information about the clinic, to learn more about the counselors, or to schedule an appointment, contact Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center today.