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Melissa Masri, LMFT

Melissa Masri, LMFT

  • Staff Position: Administrative Supervisor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #100018
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Trained
Administrative Supervisor for Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center
Program Manager for Omega Mental Health

Melissa earned her Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology with a dual specialty in Marriage and Family Therapy and Court Mediation from California Lutheran University.

She earned her Bachelors degree from San Francisco State University in Child Development with a specialty in Youth and Family Services. Melissa is a qualified Master Teacher in Early Childhood Education. Before Melissa entered the field of mental health, she taught as an Early Childhood Educator for eight years. During that time, she also worked with immigration reform, the San Francisco food bank, educational services for those in the juvenile justice system, and youth oriented ecumenical organizations.

Currently, Melissa is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Program Manager for Omega Mental Health and Administrative Supervisor of Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center. Melissa provides mental health services to children (ages 5 and older), adolescents, individuals, families, and couples; while offering administrative supervision to the Trainee therapists at Omega and the Associate therapists at Alpha. Currently, Melissa specializes in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy) and trauma informed therapy. Specializing in EMDR has allowed Melissa’s clients to resolve trauma and find freedom from the negative effects of lifelong trauma.

Melissa believes wholeheartedly that for therapy to be effective, the client – therapist relationship must be built on trust and understanding. Her view is that therapy should be conducted in a warm and empathetic environment, where the therapist is genuine and values their client. Melissa strives to offer therapy that is based on a client’s strengths. Her work with clients focuses on the inner child; with a basis in the work of Virginia Satire, Alice Miller and Milton Erickson. Melissa’s work with the inner child allows the adult self to identify the unmet needs from one’s childhood. Together, Melissa and her clientele, work to fulfill those needs by learning to re- parent the inner child. This is done through learning the skills and resources needed to develop autonomy and create a healthy corrective experience in therapy. Melissa’s work with her clientele focuses on healing and self-actualization.


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