Post-Holiday Depression

Post-holiday depression is a common and typically normal experience. After all, once the excitement of the holidays has passed and family and friends have returned home, it is hardly surprising that you might feel a little down.

If you live around Fresno, California, here are a few things to know about post-holiday depression and some helpful suggestions for getting through a rough patch.

What Is Post-Holiday Depression?

Post-holiday depression generally refers to a period characterized by feelings of sadness, fatigue, and loneliness, falling after the winter holidays.

What Causes Post-Holiday Depression?

For many, the contrast between the jolting (and sometimes stressful) experience of planning for and experiencing the holidays — and the normalcy of winter once that has passed — accounts for post-holiday depression. The holidays can often be an adrenaline-fueled rush, and the withdrawal of that intensity can account for post-holiday blues.

Coping With Post-Holiday Depression

Post-holiday depression tends to be short-term and generally passes after a brief period. That said, you may need a little extra help to get back to feeling like your normal self. In such cases, the following strategies can be very helpful.

Focus On Your Diet and Sleep Schedule

Eating right — and sleeping well — are essential to recovery after the holidays. Try to instill regular habits after the holidays have passed, setting a bedtime for yourself if need be, and eating wholesome and healthy meals. The regularity of a healthful routine can make all the difference in getting back to normal.

Practice Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques

Practicing mindfulness can be a great tactic for all sorts of depression. Rather than ruminating on negative feelings, try to sit quietly with your thoughts and encourage yourself to think clearly. Focus on goals and other positive factors in your life.

Practicing meditation is a great way to supplement this. There are many types of meditation and ways to learn, but whatever approach you take can help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed.

Make Time For Self-Care

It is essential to take the needed time to effectively let yourself recuperate and recharge after the holiday period. After all, much time is spent on others during the holidays — buying gifts, planning meals, and more. To get through that period of post-holiday depression, spend some time on yourself. If you need to withdraw — by reading, playing music, or whatever else it is you love to do — make the time to do it!

Surround Yourself With Loved Ones

In almost every case, there is nothing like friends and family to get you through a rough patch. If you're feeling down, spending time with loved ones will remind you that there are people who care for you (and that you care for them, too). Don't be afraid to talk about post-holiday blues. After all, your friends and family may be experiencing some of the very same emotions.

Reach Out to Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center for Help

Sometimes everyone needs a little bit of help. If you are suffering from post-holiday depression — or are otherwise seeking help — in the Fresno area, contact Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center.

Whether you have experience working with a therapist or not, we can help you feel comfortable with the mental health treatment process and quickly improve your mental and emotional state.

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