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What Are the Treatments for PTSD

What Are the Treatments for PTSD?

WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Smitha Bhandari, MD on November 7, 2017

Posttraumatic stress disorder(PTSD), a type of anxiety disorder, can happen after a deeply threatening or scary event. Even if you weren't directly involved, the shock of what happened can be so great that you have a hard time living a normal life.

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10 indications you suffer from codependency


Codependency is an excessive emotional, physical, and psychological reliance upon a relationship that is dysfunctional. It is an emotional condition that can destroy a person’s happiness, career, health and personal relationships. Research has found that codependency is generational. It is a way of relating that is learned from the family of origin. Understanding codependency, the behaviors associated with it, and where it originated is important. At the core of the codependent behavior exists the refusal to acknowledge a problem and a belief that one’s needs should be sacrificed for others, regardless of the consequences.

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